Crossing Guard Appreciation Day

Happy School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day!  Las Cruces Public Schools would like to recognize the hard work and dedication of our wonderful school crossing guards who serve and protect the students of Las Cruces Public Schools.

The primary responsibility of a school crossing guard is to help children safely cross the street as they walk or bike to and from school.

School crossing guards are employed by the city of Las Cruces and report to the Las Cruces Police Department.

Crossing guards help to protect the safety of not only our students, but also their families, and daily pedestrians.

They are the first to step on the street, as they navigate traffic making sure it is safe to cross. 

At times, they may have to stop drivers from entering the crosswalk to ensure that children have enough room to cross the street safely.

School crossing guards typically perform their duties each morning and afternoon while school is in session, and at lunchtime for schools with an open campus.

They are also the eyes on the ground to report any suspicious activity in the area.

Each week, thousands of LCPS students walk to and from school, along the routes, school crossing guards are always watching out for their safety.  

They work closely with our staff and local law enforcement, in partnership with our safe routes to school program. 

Rain or shine, school crossing guards are always there to protect our students.

Las Cruces Public Schools thanks you for your service! 

We have put together a special story to highlight a day in the life of a school crossing guard. You can catch it right here on Super News: